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Are you confident your store windows are consistent with your Brand Identity?
Do you have the right skills, experience and people to obtain your objectives?
Do you invest in your people and motivate them to make the difference?
What's New?
Luxury and made in Italy
L'Autrechose Italy


New exciting project with L' Autrechose boutiques and outlets across Italy.

A 360 degrees change management to create consistency and luxury feel!


Premium XMAS
Gold Glitter

Teamwork is Dreamwork!

Analysing needs and pushing boundaries to attract a wider client range, is one of the orangequeen's specialities.

Have a look at this amazing Xmas 17 window positioning prior to our window dressing @theGallery in Zürich with brand-new gold shiny mannequins.

Be inspired to inspire others.




The Gallery Zürich: a multibranded world of premium fashion.
Bollag Guggenheim Retail


Premium Multibranded Retailer Guggenheim opens its doors to theorangequeen in Zürich's The Gallery Store.

The ultimate mix of creativity, out of the box thinking, positivity and commercial skills makes this project a dream come true.

Through Visual Exercises, hands-on workshops with staff and store manager, this beautiful store has great potential to be a rising star.

Working on different product areas, creating easy access to customers, whilst maintaining the luxury touch and feel of the brands, is truly a challenge!

have a look at the pictures gallery for more impressions.



New Outlet Centre. New Challenge.
VM Training Kick-off @ Designer Outlet Rosada

With its newest outlet centre at Rosada, Roosendaal, Netherlands, McArthurGlen has implemented the VM Training programme from the start.

Great groups of motivated staff, a centre with huge potential to grow both estetically as commercially, the ideal challenge for theorangequeen to train staff through merchandising courses, creating a visual eye, creating group spirit and moreover, making them drive their store.

More to come soon...


New Stores New Vibes
Designer Outlet Roermond expansion

theorangequeen was present during the soft opening of the expansion of Phase 4 in Designer Outlet Roermond on April 6th.

Many store windows have been pimped for this event, to ensure great eyecatching windows to draw existing and new customers to the venue.

Staff was excited and motivated to open their doors in this new part of the centre that has a very positive vibe and a metropolitan luxury to it.


Back to Basics.
The strength of the K.I.S.S. principle


One of the key elements I like to emphasize in Visual Merchandising Training sessions is the K.I.S.S. principle which tells you to use only those elements, props or products for display that fit into your window theme. Across all brands, categories or themes this principle of back to basics can be applied and has a huge success rate if you respect your Brand Identity and Values, merchandise with a story and consistency.

Luxury in its simplicity. Back to Basics in merchandising. A winning combination. 


WOW windows that sell.
Window Merchandising@Designer Outlet Parndorf


A great variety of Brands to merchandise in Parndorf this week.

From Accessories to Beauty, from casual to formal, theorangequeen in collaboration

with fashion merchandiser Caroliny @colorstylebook have created WOW windows that work.



Be creative. Be commercial.
In-store and Window Merchandising

theorangequeen is back to business and kicked off the new VM season in Roermond Designer Outlet by merchandising booming brands such as Desigual, Bjorn Borg, Vans, Jack Wolfskin and many more.



Love Fashion. Love Visual. theorangequeen meets & trains fashion blogger Caroliny
VM workshop Caroliny

theorangequeen met Vienna based, fashion blogger and Visual Merchandiser Caroliny in Designer Outlet Parndorf end April.

During this 3day VM workshop theorangequeen trained Caroliny across all product categories ranging from lingerie to outdoor, working closely with all Brands to create the perfect harmony between cool creative and commercial, boosting the windows in the centre.

Read more about Caroliny?



Paneuropean SS16 Trend Campaign McArthurGlen
Flowers and Fashion

McArthurglen Designer outlets kick off with this powerful Spring Summer 2016 Trend Campaign.

Theorangequeen created the perfect windows to fit the theme at a variety of Fashion Outlets.


Below l'Oréal and Guess, for more pictures check out the gallery!



Challenging industrial spaces, creating Brand Identity.
A world of Jeans. VM Training Italy@Gstar

Challenging VM Training @Gstar in Castelromano Designer Outlet.

Creating a pure Brand ID corner with product focus, stimulating cross-selling.

Spring is here-shop until you drop.
Eye for detail@Kocca, LaReggia



A world of sport dynamics.
Intersport VM workshop

An interaction dynamic VM workshop for all VM staff of Intersport Bruendl's Austrian stores.

Held in their outlet store in Salzburg, the intensive creative course highlighted the staff's potential in Visual Merchandising and the creative talent of the team.

Kicking off 2015 Training Season.
New Training Material-New Concepts.

Visual Merchandising : Window Merchandising Advanced (level 2)

Visual Merchandising: In-store Retail Merchandising (level 3)

Creative Concept: the creation and development of window furniture for MAG: MWD-Modular Window Display


The creation of Visual Merchandising Guidelines.
Photoshooting for McArthurGlen Designer Outlets

theorangequeen has developed the official Corporate Visual Merchandising Guidelines for McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in Europe.

From the creative concept, layout, copywriting to the actual shooting, held in Serravalle, Neumünster and Roermond,  this new tool will be supporting the more than 800 Fashion Brands in MAG's Retail portfolio across Europe.

By setting guidelines for Store Windows, the centres will gain consistency and increase their customer traffic flow in the centres.

The Brands will enhance their product diversity matching their own company guidelines to the corporate MAG guidelines and will attract more customers, incrementing their store traffic flow and UPT by showing amazing windows that sell.


Milestone in Visual Merchandising Training Programme Italy.
1000st staff participating to Visual Merchandising Training Programme McArthurGlen Italy

Great Result:

theorangequeen has celebrated her 1000st member of Staff that participated to the McArthurGlen Training Programme on Visual Merchandising in Italy held in Serravalle, October 16th 2014.

4 Rounds of VM courses were organised over the past 7 months since March throughout the Italian outlets of Noventa (VE), Barberino (FI), laReggia (NA), Serravalle (MI) and Castelromano (RO).

Ivan Norrelli of Gucci in Serravalle was the happy 1000st staff trained this year in the Italian market and was surprised with an orangequeen's Training Certificate and flowers, creating a buzz in the centre the whole day!

Creative meets Commercial in Austrian Designer Outlets.
Denim Icons. New Category promo McArthurGlen in Autumn.

McArthurGlen Designer Outlets Parndorf and Salzburg will make the difference during next Category Promotion in Autumn.

The paneuropean campaign Denim Icons, Icons in Blue. Be authentically you- runs from end September to mid November aiming to target a wide client base with Denim as a core category.

Theorangequeen will be the think tank of the creative concepts of the on-site installations, guaranteeing the overall Denim feel@ a very high WOW factor.

Sale Starts.
WOW window @ Designer Outlet Neumünster, Germany

Creativity meets Design in Neumünster, where sale started on June 10th!

For the occasion, this pop-up window specifically developed for the centre, generates a buzz and attracts potential clients, welcoming them in the outlet.

Just a matter of impression. First Impression.
McArthurGlen Northern European Retail Conference

Honoured and pleased to feel part of this amazing family.

Retail conference Q1 Northern European could be described as the ultimate example of Retail Excellence, Team Work and know-how, all brought together by ispirational management.

My speech: Visual Merchandising, why first impressions count.

My slogan: Elephants don't bite, mosquitoes do. In Retail and in VM, it is all about the details we tend to forget, they ruin us, not the big things.

Definitely true for the image of stores, which should be high-end, high impact across all Designer Outlets in Europe, consistency and eye for detail are a crucial part of Retail success.

VM as the powerful tool to achieve Retail Excellence, drive sales and influence the customer's decision to enter the store.

I think I made my point and left my first impression.


theorangequeen goes Germany.
VM evaluation in McArthurGlen outlet Berlin and Neumunster

theorangequeen will be at the McArthurGlen designer outlets in Berlin and Neumunster this week to evaluate the needs in terms of VM support and Staff Training for Brands in both centres.

This stratey allows both the outlet and the brands to have ad-hoc Training and in-store VM support according to their specific needs taking the Brands standards and the sales to another level.


Facing Fabulous February
Antwerp, Showroom Looks Agencies

In these weeks the orangequeen is consulting Looks Agencies, leading fashion agency in the Benelux market, and growing dynamically with new brands such as Stella Luna, What for, Patrizia Pepe and Janet & Janet.

A true challenge with nearly 900m2 of showroom space, new brands to position and sales campaigns to run. With the right team and the right spirit, all can be done nearly to perfection with great results.

Kicking off the Art of Denim Promo in Roermond, Netherlands 2nd October 2013
McArthurGlen's First Corporate Category Promotion in Europe

Today, McArthurGlen Group launched their first overall corporate Category Promotion throughout all their 21 Designer Outlets in Europe.

The Art of Denim, which focuses on enhancing more than 100 Denim and Fashion Brands, aims at consistency in the centres, through creative and commercial window displays, ad-hoc designed POS material and special product on offer, and is a key promo to drive sales and increase traffic in their stores.

Theorangequeen was in their Premium performing outlet in Roermond last Monday to give the promotion it's final touch adding a bit of her WOW factor and sharing know-how with local Visual Merchandisers and store staff.


This promotion will run from October 2nd to November 4th 2013 across Europe.