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Are you confident your store windows are consistent with your Brand Identity?
Do you have the right skills, experience and people to obtain your objectives?
Do you invest in your people and motivate them to make the difference?
McArthurGlen Northern European Retail Conference

Honoured and pleased to feel part of this amazing family.

Retail conference Q1 Northern European could be described as the ultimate example of Retail Excellence, Team Work and know-how, all brought together by ispirational management.

My speech: Visual Merchandising, why first impressions count.

My slogan: Elephants don't bite, mosquitoes do. In Retail and in VM, it is all about the details we tend to forget, they ruin us, not the big things.

Definitely true for the image of stores, which should be high-end, high impact across all Designer Outlets in Europe, consistency and eye for detail are a crucial part of Retail success.

VM as the powerful tool to achieve Retail Excellence, drive sales and influence the customer's decision to enter the store.

I think I made my point and left my first impression.