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Definition of orange

The colour of happiness, life and fulfillment and the national colour of the Netherlands, the roots of theorangequeen.

Definition of queen

The most powerful piece in chess. It can move in any direction any number of spaces, allowing it to cover a lot of tiles all at once.

Who is theorangequeen?
Biography of theorangequeen.

Theorangequeen was born in the Eastern part of the Netherlands in the 70s, then adopted by Belgium during her studies (Languages), followed by international experiences in Italy (Rome, Florence, Bologna) during her university degree.

Due to a unique opportunity in the world of fashion sportswear, she relocates to Italy, Florence in 1998 to set up a sourcing and production department working across the globe with factories, suppliers and clients, learning the basics of fashion retail, supply chain and sales.

From 2001 her adventure in Switzerland starts in a luxury goods company who was in a major restructuration phase and needed skilled people, all-round managers who would be able to approach the business in a different way, achieving results both qualitatitive and quantitative ones with a long-term vision.

A new world with new horizons lay at her feet. Extensive travel around the globe and the discovery of her talent in sales, product merchandising and new business development added to her previous experiences.

The creation of training sessions and the impact on the business made theorangequeen understand that whatever challenge she would undertake in the future, training & coaching would have to be fundamental part of it, the essence of all.

The orangequeen's career moves on in 2007 into the amazing field of a world-known American fashion company where she starts in sales by creating and building, a true focus on new business development. Teamwork, know-how and great strategy made this a success story, proving her talent also in the creative areas of buying and visual merchandising.

Training & coaching in Europe was developed under her responsability with the creation and implementation of workshops, seminars and training days for partners, clients and agents.

In 2010 theorangequeen is promoted into the field of Visual Merchandising and sets up a unique department of skilled people across Europe, streamlining communication lines, building a team with a vision by creating its processes as well as all creative tools necessary to run the business.

Throughout her whole career theorangequeen has proven record of each challenge she has faced bringing the desired results, in different fields of competence.

She is convinced that whatever organisation or industry you are in, it is the people that make the difference, those who bring the experience, background and keep the business running.

Today, theorangequeen boosts a wide client portfolio with luxury and fashion brands, for whom she creates and delivers Training Programmes that are specific, hands-on and interactive, offering consulting and a premium service that increases the business gaining in aesthetics.